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Mac Office 2008. Are you ready? December 17, 2007

Posted by aadilz in Apple News.
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Honestly, it is an upgrade overdue. Even though, I love Apple, and I love everything Apple, and YES, there  is iWorks but lets be honest here, iWorks  is still not there, YET. The functionality and overall verisatlity  of  Microsoft Office has yet to be matched.   According to the article on Macworld, Mac Office 2008 has  apparently been sent to manufacturing and  will be ready for Macworld Expo. More  details  on Microsoft’s Mac Team Blog. To find out about the more  about what to expect in this new upgrade, visit Mircosoft Office 2008 for  Mac website. Once the software is out, I will provide a more detailed, first look, review. For now, we can do nothing but wait for Macworld Expo.


Google Announces Knol Project December 17, 2007

Posted by aadilz in Tech News.
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Recently, Udi Manber, VP Engineering at Google, posted a blog, on Googles official blog, outlining a new project, under development as we speak, called the “Knol Project” (Knol is a unit of knowledge). The purpose of this project is to create a repository/knowledge base of articles on any subject written by authoritative writers within the respective subjects. It is sort of like wikipedia, according to Udi Manber, the information is more reliable and more organized. What can we expect? Well, so far, from the available screenshot on the blog posting, it seems rather interesting. What would it look like when its complete is yet to be seen. Currently, this tool is invitation only. But I know one thing for sure, as always, Google has the industry talking.